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Time2Yac e'forum

The Time2YAC e'forum.....is for you to yac about things that surprise you. irk you, can't get enough of, need less of, want to know more about, explore and experience and...the things you do and want to do!

Awesome Active Loud Voices....let's hear ya YAC!

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Talking about Healthy and Diverse Relationships!


Being with and attracted to same sex friends and having relationships with same sex friends is okay and the youth services crew at Melton Shire Copuncil are keen to find out how we can be involved and lend our support to Healthy and Diverse Relationships.

We're keen to better understand and a part of our job in the Youth Service crew is to find out how we can best support young people in our community and make our programs appropriate and achievable.

Were keen to hear from you and your friends!

We wanna know! So please complete our survey.

Hey guys we're keen to know about you and what its likes livining in Melton. To help us out we'd like you to take a couple of minutes to do the survey....it won't too take long or bore you with too much detail.

Do the survey NOW and you'll really help us out and help us make living in melton Shire a whole lot better!

Cyber Bullying.........what the!


This consultation has closed...but you can still check out the comments and ideas in the forums.

Cyber bullying...is it common? Is it cool? Is it really necessary? What is cvber bullying? Who are cyber bullies what motivates them, who do they bully? These are questions that need answers in our yac e'forum. We want to hear you yac about it and we would also like you to finish a quick survey to help find the answers to these questions,

Participate today and go in the running to WIN and iPad.

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